Garden Air Freshener Mountain Fresh

We would like to introduce you to a scent that you can feel the special breezes coming from the mountains to your bones!

Garden Air Freshener Mountain Fresh, which arouses admiration in every note, takes its main essence from the refreshing side of the essential oil. While welcoming you with a special scent in every note, it will present you the source of an indispensable scent in the bottom note. Apple added to the freshness of cologne and eucalyptus in the top note creates the first pleasure.

In the heart note, which will impress you, tiny snapshots of lily of the valley and the unique scent of jasmine will penetrate into your bones. It will leave a special moment all over your home with the sandalwood scent it offers in the last note! This fragrance, which will be the hero of your memories, will also provide a new starting area for you!

300 ml

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