Garden Room Spray Magic

It will rewrite the magic of the environment with its unique scent that will attract you at the first moment!

The new face of magic, Garden Room Spray Magic, while refreshing the atmosphere with its wonderful essence combination, also prepares for the wonderful dance of the heart note! Have you touched the heart of nature? With this scent that turns green in your home, you will say a new hello to both nature and your home!

You can experience the most beautiful shade of green in your home with this wonderful scent. You will not be able to give up this fragrance, which will witness the most special moments of your home with its long-lasting permanence! A new energy awaits you at any moment with its refreshing feature and much more.

Top Note: Eucalyptus, Green, Citrus
Heart Note: Herbal tea, flower
Base Note: Patchouly, Woody, Musk

300 ml

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