Garden Bamboo Reed Diffuser Citrus

You will not want to leave your home with Garden Collection Citrus Reed Diffuser 100 ml, where you will relive every moment!

While every room of your home has a different moment, the energy of each room is different. We are here with a special fragrance that will increase the energies and that you will be amazed at the same time. With Garden Bamboo Reed Diffuser Citrus 100 ml, the incredible scent of citrus will spread from one corner of your home to the whole room!

Produced on the basis of the sharpness of lemon by spreading from the first stick, this fragrance welcomes you with effective notes such as bergamot and ginger. While it eliminates all bad odors with a sharp smell in the first note, it participates in rearranging the energy of your room with the heart note.

100 ml