Garden Bamboo Reed Diffuser GrapeFruit

We create a new spirit in your home with the indispensable sharp smell of the first harvest of the grapefruit!

Garden Bamboo Reed Diffuser GrapeFruit 100 ml, while offering the best of citrus values, impresses with its sharp scent! Garden Bamboo Reed Diffuser GrapeFruit, which you will place in a corner of your room, will greet you with the tartness of orange peel and lemon on its first journey.

With the progression of the fragrance, the heart note will reveal itself, while the magic of lily and orchid will envelop the whole room. These two flowers, combined with the sweet scent of tropical fruits, will find their place in every corner of your room with all their beauty. The spicy and woody scents presented in the base note will make you admire this scent again and again!

100 ml