Garden Dispenser Air Freshener Apricot And Sunflower

You can leave the fresh air of the spring months behind and feel the heat of the summer months at home!

Equipped with Apricot and Sunflower notes, Garden Dispenser Air Freshner will take you to a different memory with every note! A different beauty will be waiting for you in every corner with the irresistible scent created by Apricot and Sunflower.

We are in front of you with a scent that will become more alive every moment, under the influence of daylight. While you experience the warmth at every point, you will feel the sweet coolness with the fresh scents in the top notes. You will always keep your energy high with this mixture, which is the best recipe for creating new memories. You can meet the embodiment of romance and calmness and become the protagonist of the fragrance.

260 ml