Garden Dispenser Air Freshener Lavender Splash

Lavender, one of the most beautiful miracles of nature, comes to your homes with its scent that leaves a trace!

You will feel the desire deeply at every point, and you will not be able to give up with its special stance on your skin. Garden Dispenser Air Freshener will create unforgettable days with the refreshing points and special essences in Lavender Splash! While the union of eucalyptus and lemon will welcome you at the top, the sharp scent of lavender at the heart point will give the environment a different atmosphere.

With cologne and lily-of-the-valley supporting lavender, you’ll find yourself on top of a mountain! You will meet the scent that will make every moment more special by going deep into lavender with woody and musk scents at the bottom. You will want to meet again with this scent that lavender lovers cannot give up!

260 ml