Garden Disinfectant Spray Citrus

When you feel the coldness of the winter months inside, we cover your soul with the smell of orange on a hot stove!

Garden Disinfectant Spray Citrus, which will revive your memories in every note, comes to your home with the best form of citrus! A sharp scent welcomes you with its structure based on lemon essence. Then, we provide a small journey to your old memories with the orange that shows itself.

The dance of specially created essences creates that unique scent felt in every corner of your home with its woody structure in its last note. You can turn the scents, which are the creators of the deepest emotions, into a moment that you will be addicted to by re-greening in a corner of your home. Garden Disinfectant Spray Citrus takes you to your best memories every moment!

300 ml