Garden Room Spray Jasmine

Jasmine, the blooming form of delicacy, provides a special fragrance from the first moment it begins its story to the last!

Garden Room Spray Jasmine, which is combined in its structure without harming its unique smell, will be the chief architect of every moment in your home! Jasmine and fruit scents that welcome you in the top note will fill every corner of your home. While presenting her own soul, she will begin the unforgettable dance of love with the heart note.

At this stage, the energy in your home will be renewed with the incredible combination of floral scents, jasmine and orange flower! Garden Room Spray Jasmine provides you with a special space as the main source of energy and stress-free environment in your home. It brings you the sharper version of jasmine with the balsamic and sweet scents it offers in its last note!

400 ml

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