Garden Dispenser Air Freshener White Rose

White rose, the recognized face of innocence and elegance, is always with you with its scent that leaves a trace!

From the first note, you can smell every moment of the rose and be the embodiment of the beauties of nature. Garden Dispenser Air Freshener White Rose will be the architect of unforgettable memories with inspiration from nature! Offering the sweetness of floral scents, white rose combines with rosehip and neroli in the top note, revealing the source of a unique scent.

This scent, which you will admire, combines with desert rose, lemon and grass in the heart note, revealing a brand new, lasting fragrance. In its final version, which you haven’t met yet, it reveals your feature moment by moment with magnolia, jasmine and oakmoss. An irresistible scent is just waiting for you to try!

260 ml