Fragrances with Calming Properties

Fragrances have much greater properties than is thought. All the notes used in it leave special effects by activating a different point in the brain. This is how olfactory memory emerges. One of its greatest qualities is its calming aspects.

With the special notes used in its internal structure, you can get rid of all your stress instantly. Offering scents with calming properties, Garden provides special works for you to bring all the delicacies to your home. Get comfort with one touch!

The Magic of Lavender!

Due to its nature, lavender has a slightly heavy scent. For this reason, you can capture the essence of lavender with the extra extracts used in it and achieve the desired comfort. Lavender has a soothing effect in its structure. Especially for people who have sleep problems, lavender scents can give more effective results.

You can’t believe the effect of fragrances on your body! If used correctly, you can use these scents with different components, which provide you with a great calming area. Create a peaceful environment in your home with garden lavender scents.

Pearl of Essence Field Lemon Fragrance!

In the field of essential oils, the first thing that comes to mind is lemon. With the acidic structure it contains, lemon can give off its smell very quickly and provide a permanent feature. It is always in the first place among the scents with calming properties.

The scent of lemon, which you can use in a corner of your home, will fill the whole room and give signals to your brain to relax. Thanks to the notes in its inner structure, it will directly take the tension and sadness on you. We produce lemon, which you can experience together with different notes, for you to leave a beautiful memory in every corner of your home.

Sweet and Strong: Vanilla Fragrance!

It is possible to see the effect of smells when we go to historical depths. The secret of vanilla was discovered along with the fragrances preferred to get rid of intense bad odors. Vanilla has been used to increase happiness since ancient times. Because it directly affects mood, it will elevate your mood and allow you to start each day full of energy.

Garden provides new essences for you by combining vanilla with different essences. In addition to its calming effect, it offers a different essence in each note for an effective vanilla scent over time. The orange and fruit scent you will get in the first row is followed by floral and sweet scents in the heart note, while vanilla shows its own power in the bottom note, providing peace in your home!

The Scent of Peace Cinnamon!

Plants provide us with a largely healthy space, but also give us a soothing effect. Cinnamon will greatly help you calm down with its aphrodisiac effect. Cinnamon, which is among the scents with calming properties, will also add beauty to your romantic evenings.

Relax with Jasmine Fragrance!

Among the scents with calming properties, the first scent that comes to mind is always jasmine. It is used in aroma therapies with its antidepressant feature in jasmine. It greatly contributes to calming down, reducing tension and improving mood. With Garden jasmine scents, you can both live a peaceful life in your home and start the day happily with a nice scent. We cheer up your home with a different scent at every stage and we continue to develop it specially for you.

The Temperature of the Orange!

Orange and other citrus scents are perfect for creating a warm home feeling on the brain. For this reason, the notes used should directly support the orange scent and give the desired effect. In addition to its calming feature, you can also use it if you have difficulty waking up. It will relieve your tension and allow you to start the day positively. We can review all of our calming scents and you can easily find what works best for you. Don’t forget to pamper yourself on every note!

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