Ideal Fragrances for Kitchen and Bathrooms

Smelling as good as smelling good is a condition that nourishes your soul. For a good energy, a good start, you should avoid bad smells and start meeting the best smells. Especially the smells coming from the kitchen and bathrooms can be quite disturbing.

We are here to support you in all matters such as how to get rid of these odors and which scents you can use for these areas! With our guide to ideal scents for kitchens and bathrooms, scents that nourish your soul will rise from every corner of your home.

Eliminate Bad Odors!

Kitchen and bathroom are always seen as the source of odor. In order to prevent these odors, a detailed cleaning may be good. However, it would be best to find the real source and solve the ways of salvation. The first source of bad odors in your bathroom should be to pay attention to wet towels.

If the wet towel is left for a long time, it both emits odor and starts to produce microbes. In terms of the hygiene of your bathroom, you should always use clean and dry towels. At the same time, attention should always be paid to hygiene. The same hygiene should be demonstrated in the kitchen area.

Lemon is the Savior of Every Field!

Lemon scents come first among the ideal scents for the kitchen and bathroom. Due to its sharp structure, it suppresses heavy odors and provides a pleasant ambiance to the environment. It suppresses food odors especially in the kitchen area to a great extent. You will not want to leave your kitchen while providing a fresh air!

The first source of bad odors is always the garbage left in the house for a long time. Garbage creates an unhealthy atmosphere and lowers the odor energy of the house. While catching the spring breeze in every corner of the house with Garden lemon scents, you can say hello to a clean smell in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Meet Lavender!

Lavender forms one of the main notes of many fragrances. Thanks to the sharp smell it contains, it traps bad odors and effectively presents its own odor to the environment. It is always your supporter as a warrior of a heavy smell cooking in your kitchen or bad smells that you cannot eliminate in your bathroom. Lavender is one of the flowers of the plant family that offers the strongest fragrance support. In this way, it gives an instant odor to the environment.

Lavender, which is frequently preferred among the ideal scents for kitchens and bathrooms, will make you feel spring in your home with its top notes and heart notes. A nice scent you will get after a long cleaning will also fulfill your energy!

The Energy of the Rose!

Many different smells such as onions and fish in the kitchen make it permanent for a long time. Fragrances with such a sharp structure permeate the items and increase their permanence. In order to eliminate odors, a great support is taken from the flowers. Rose offers a different content from each color at the point of fragrance. The most frequently used rose scent will make it bloom in your kitchens together with other top and heart notes.

Like the kitchen, the bathroom should suppress odors to a great extent and always smell good. Rose has an effective odor structure, especially in houses that have a problem of drain odor. It spreads quickly to the environment it is in and manages to cover the superior odors with its own beauty. Among the ideal scents for kitchens and bathrooms, sharp scents will always be the right choice.

As Garden, we produce and develop specially for you with our many different scent scales. We are the guests of your homes with our indispensable scents that refresh with every touch. We continue to beautify for you and provide a happy home environment. You can reach us and try our products in order to reach many different scents such as garden lavender, lemon, rose, orange!

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