How to Deal with Bad Odors?

Bad smells are everyone’s nightmare. These scents, which we encounter in every moment of life, can take you to bad moments or lower your mood. In order to prevent this and to make you live your life more cheerfully, as Garden, we produce special scents and leave happy memories in your home that you will always remember.

We provide a feeling of deep cleaning with our scents, which are also effective in dealing with bad odors. How can you suppress the smell? How long do bad odors stay on items? We answer all your questions such as Garden fragrance world’s special products. If you’re ready, let’s start!

What Are Bad Smells?

We can define bad odor in many different ways. There are many different points such as the smell of food, the smell of garbage that has been waiting for a long time, the smell of fish or the smell of cigarettes. Because odors have a direct effect on feeling good and bad, it is necessary to get rid of these odors quickly. You can follow a different method for each of them, or you can meet our special scents!

Coping with Food Smells!

The kitchen has always been known as the first source of odours. Many odors emanate from the kitchen in the house. Food smells are sometimes good, but sometimes they can turn into a heavy and bad smell. While the smell of cake and cookies provides a beautiful smile, the smell of onions can spread all over the house and create unwanted situations. If you encounter heavy odors, you can overcome it with Garden special scents!

Because it contains an effective note of orange, lavender scents, it directly suppresses most odors. By removing the heavy odor in cooking odors, you can restore your home to its former state. You can leave a beautiful moment in every corner of your home with our scents that we produce specially for you!

Garbage Smell!

Finished products, rotten fruit and many other bad odors form the basis of garbage. Trash left for a long time will cause a heavy odor in the house. Even if you regularly remove the garbage to get rid of it, the smell will remain trapped somewhere in the house. With Garden special scents, you can remove these bad odors directly with Garden vanilla scent, woody scent and lavender scent.

There are many different natural methods to remove the smell of garbage. However, many of these methods promise you a chemical process. With our specially produced floral fragrances without introducing chemicals into your life, you can both experience spring and get rid of bad odors directly in your home.

Fish Smell!

With its acidic structure, lemon always has a good effect in suppressing the fishy smell. Well, have you tried using lemon mixed with a nicer scent? With the garden lemon scent, we offer you lemon, lime and orange scents in the top notes, while we prefer more woody scents in the bottom notes, ensuring long-lasting permanence.

The Smell of Cigarettes!

One of the strongest odors in the home is the smell of cigarettes. To deal with this odor it may be effective to provide air intake first. However, it stays in this area for a long time by sticking on the cigarette articles. You may have to take this scent for a long time as it will not always be effective in contact with the air. To prevent this, fresh scents will always be effective.

With our garden fresh scents, we eliminate the effect of cigarettes with different top notes. When it comes to how to deal with bad odors, Garden always continues to build your defense mechanism!

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